currently hosting 46 ideas, using javascript (61%), php (20%), css (15%) and html (13%).


rethumb is a image processing service - create square thumbnails, resize images and get exif data, all using a simple url based API.
Free and paid plans available. (...)

image processing resize thumbnails exif



Javascript image processing. (...)

javscript canvas image processing



Simple text based avatars. (...)

javscript canvas image html5


Javascript Game of Life v3.1.1

A Javascript implementation of John Conway's Game of Life using Tony Finch's List Life algorithm. (...)

javascript game of life html5 canvas


Javascript Web Workers

Complete example of Javascript Web Workers. (...)

javascript web workers html5


Rainbow Colors

Rainbow-like color schema generator in Javascript. (...)

javascript colors


KPascal Compiler

LEX/YACC compiler, compiles a subset of Pascal into a subset of C. (...)

lex yacc compiler pascal c


Javascript N-Queens

Javascript program that solves the N-Queens problem using a Genetic Algorithm. (...)

javascript genetic algorithm



Linux shell script that shows VmRSS and VmSize for each process. (...)

linux shell script


Javascript Hash Code

Javascript implementation of a HashCode function based on the internal state of an 'Object'. (...)

javascript hash code


Javascript Text Formatter

CSS text formatter for the Web. (...)

javascript fonts


Javascript Hashing Functions

A comparison between some simple hashing functions: djb2, universal, simple and division. (...)

javascript hashing


O seu número do BI está correcto?

Verifica se o número de controlo do BI está correcto. (...)



Semantic Youtube Links

Semantic Youtube Links is a Greasemonkey script that adds semantic value to Youtube links. (...)

javascript greasemonkey youtube



Single file image gallery (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS) with Facebook Comments support. (...)

gallery image php javascript


Meo Box API

Unfinished API for Meo boxes. This can be used as an example on how to connect and transmit data. (...)

meo box java api


Javascript Simple i18n

Simple Javascript library that provides internationalization functions. (...)

javascript simple internationalization i18n


Random Word Generator

Random Word Generator picks random words from a list of 58 000 english words. (...)

php language


Javascript Fade In & Out

Simple fade in and out effect using Javascript. (...)

javascript css


Museu da Ciência

HTML/CSS slide show about Museu da Ciência. (...)

javascript html css


Javascript Google Web Fonts API

Google Web Fonts API demo. (...)

javascript fonts


The Web Comics

Twitter account that tweets web comics. (...)

php rss twitter


Template My Twitter

HTML/CSS template for microblogging. (...)

twitter html css


Javascript Name Generator

Generate new, strange, words from know words. (...)

javascript language


Javascript Game of Life v1.0

My first implementation of the Game of Life in Javascript. (...)

javascript game of life


PHP Game of Life

Game of Life in PHP (server side). (...)

php game of life


Clean it

Need help when cleaning your screen? (...)



Template Photo Stock

HTML/CSS generic template. (...)

html css


CSS Pins

How to make pins using CSS. (...)

html css


CSS Round Corners

How to make round corners using CSS. (...)

html css


CSS Tags

How to make tags using CSS. (...)

html css


Javascript Background Color

Real-time background change with Javascript. (...)



Javascript Box on Hover

Basic Javascript hover example. (...)



PHP Simple Auth

Simple authentication using PHP. (...)

php auth


Netvisão Checker 1.5.2e

Script to check Netvisão stats. (...)

ruby netvisão



NFO reader in PHP. (...)



Javascript Random Data

Random data based on mouse movements. (...)



PHP Windows Uptime

Give the uptime of a Windows machine. (...)

php uptime


PHP Disk Status

Show the status of the connected disks. (...)



Passing by Reference with PHP and JS

Differences when passing by reference in PHP and Javascript. (...)

php javascript


Javascript Drag & Drop

Example of Javascript drag and drop. (...)



Javascript on the fly MD5

Fast check of strings MD5 hashing function. (...)

javascript md5


Javascript Move div

Javascript example of how to move HTML elements. (...)



Javascript Paint

Basic paint in Javascrit. (...)



Javascript Puzzle

Image puzzle in Javascript. (...)



Javascript SVG Draw

Draw in SVG using Javascript. (...)

javascript svg


Javascript Web Fonts

List of web fonts supplied with Windows XP. (...)

javascript fonts